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Spitmarks On The Mirror by Malay


  1. Star
  2. Don't Make Me Speak
  3. Famegame
  4. Untitled One
  5. True
  6. Asthma
  7. Sandalwood Breeze
  8. Mask
  9. Supersomething
  10. Your Hate Gets Stronger
  11. Many Lives Have Past


South Asian fusion in my experience has been rock, hip hop, drum & bass and jazz. This man however, attempts a whole new direction. Trip hop, funk and rock meet South Asia in a dynamic blend of lyrics that encompass everything from love and sex to drugs and pollution; How could you not like this album?

With Malay's vocals reminiscent of Macy Gray and a look of a jamaican "sadhoo" one can almost feel Malay's emotions as he must have felt when he wrote the songs. Originally when I received the album from Tropical Fish Music, I was a little skeptical. Come on, its a funny name for a label, and he is the only artist signed on it. Thus, I didn't go into the album with any expectations. After a few listen throughs however, I was pleasantly surprised. Soon was humming the lyrics, wishing I had a joint * not that I smoke ;) * and missing my girl friend. As far as who should buy it: drum & bass lovers STAY AWAY! you will hunt me down if you bought this album on my recommendation. Trip hop, mellow tunes and electric guitar admirers run to the shelves, you have an artist you might not wanna miss. But hey, don't take my word for it listen to him on our radio. Should be up pretty soon. Finally on a negative note, wish Malay had used other instruments besides just the tabla and, I wish he had written more songs that actually used South Asian influences.

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