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Anjali by Anjali


  1. Lazy Lagoon
  2. Space Lust-In The Space Dust
  3. Arabian Queen
  4. Dusk
  5. Strawberry Mousse
  6. Mistress Of Disguise
  7. Nebula
  8. Turquoise & Blue
  9. Kulu
  10. Twilight World
  11. Kali Came


A high strung voice and intricate music, leaves you wondering, is anjali really a south asian girl? Not to streotype our women in any way but come on now, how often do you hear of a south asian girl doing trip hop, with a drum & base and funk flare?

We had Amar a year ago but I never got to listen to that album in full to give it an honest review. In Anjali, we find an artist who not only can sing but can also write, compose and produce her songs. Now that is a rarity in the south asian fusion world where colaborations seem to be the way to go, even for the greats such as Nitin and Talvin. However, because of the lack of influence from other artists the songs tend to lack orginality and are rarely distinguisable from each other. 1 or 2 do grow on you but, besides those its all just sound tricks, well placed drum sounds and a monotonous voice set against music that seems sometimes out of place. It was a nice attempt, she has a lot of talent but sad to say I am very glad that I found this album in Othermusic's used section at half price. So, for that listner looking for something new and exciting look elsewhere but, for the one looking for trip hop, ambient with a very very very slight touch of south asia, Anjali would be perfect.

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