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Back To Mine, compiled by Talvin Singh

This is definitly not anything like the previous work that Talvin has done. For one, there is nothing on here that he has done himself-not even a remix. Secondly, this isn't an Anokha album, definitly not Anokha 2-which we are all patiently waiting for. Now the tracks:

Tracks / Reviews:

  1. Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm: Want a new age classical song with enough base to blow your speakers? Well that is what you get here. Piano, violins, base etc. all combined to make a very mellow track.
  2. U. Shrinivas & Michael Brook - Dance: Michael Brooks and U. Srinavas, give you a beat named "dance," that is everything except danceable (atleast to me). A great track nonetheless by the masters themselves, with their very well known improvisation skills.
  3. Nils Petter Molvaer - Song Of Sand II: Beautiful horns make this track stand out. Alto. Sax (i think) playing on top of an eclectic drumline, complete with high pitched bells and obscure electronic samples thrown in. Definitly a track to relax to.
  4. The Higher Intelligence Agency - Delta: The bells of the last track replaced by a high pitched synthesized sound that eats at your brain and yet, works almost seamlessly with the the drumline and the other (unknown to me) instruments in the song.
  5. Dreadzone - Cave Of Angels: The high pitch sound leads into voices chanting and talking, telling us about the cave gods. The sitar playing produces a touch of utter devotional melodrama. All this with a drumline that becomes anything but mellow to finish off the song.
  6. Swati Natekar - Kabhi Unke Milan Ke Asha Ne: This is a very traditional, devotional track about the devotees love for lord krishna (atleast that is what I heard) with a drumline rich with tablas, dhol and base thrown in for good measure.
  7. Trilok Gurtu - Om: Trilok Gurtu chanting 'hari om' on top of a very seductive melod y.
  8. Photek - Lost Blue Heaven: With a voice that is very reminiscnt of Amar, (for those who know her) Photek provides us a song that is short sweet and hauntingly memorable. Be mesmerized.
  9. Tuu - Kalpa Taru (Tree of Wishes): Lonq droning sounds and bells. A 2 minute song that acts as an introduction to song number 10.
  10. Vibrasphere - Monsoon: This song is the best song on this album. A great drum line that stays the same and changes just enough to not be stale or overdone at the same time. And a guitar riff that is melodious at the least and unique at the most. (Read on to find what ruins this song)
  11. Ali Farka Toure - Mali Dje: This track in itself is a great African track with a folk feel that completely and beautifully contrasts the last overtly synthesized one. However, due to a production mistake (I am sorry Talvin) it completely encroaches on the previous track - for about 30 seconds. Maybe this is because I love the last song but, I just wish the two had not been mixed into each other, completely ruins both of the tracks
  12. Dub Tractor - w30: This is a mellow drumline with reversed precussion filled with a low flute sound and what sounds like an electric sitar. Definitly a groove worthy track, just need some grass...to lie on ofcourse ;)
  13. Dzihan & Kamien - After (Atjazz Remix): A complemantry track, to the last one; it kicks it up a couple notches. (definitly going on the radio) It's arabic house at its best, with dZIHAN & KAMIEN showing us how its done.
  14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt: Come on!! If you don't know this track from elsewhere you shouldn't even be here. Sorry - To those who don't know.

Great track selection by Talvin for this album, but WHAT HAPPENED TO ANOKHA 2 - I am hearing rumors that he is treating his Anokha buddies as step children and some are leaving him....but hey those could just be rumors.

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