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Bellydancing Breakbeats by Oojami


Arabic house with much silliness added. Practically every track I can imagine being dancable, except a few tracks that get too repetitive or have just unnecessary elements.

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Tracks / Reviews:

  1. Chicky: A great Arabic house track, but did we really need the voice? It's a guy screaming "aaight people listen to the chicky-chicky boom-boom." And this is necessary How!?!?
  2. Fantasy: This is a cool track with a flute laid over another person's screams and an electric guitar jamming in the back. All in all a well done track but could have done without the guy's voice.
  3. Urban Dervish: Starts out sounding like progressive trance but, is a (acustic?) guitar leading to well done drones in both male and female voices; all of this played on top of a heavy house drum line.
  4. Desert Fish: Another track utilizing the beauty of Arabic drums and that guitar again. The drum line almost wants the dj in me to use it against a drum n base track-or add a down beat to this one and make it rave-able. ;) The track practically already is. Although after about three minutes it gets too repetitive.
  5. Sitare: Maybe it's that I understand Hindi or maybe it's something else , but, whatever it is I just can't get past the fact that this song sounds too Bollywoodish causing the song to lose some of it's mystical appeal that non-hindi-speaking people might feel for it . Tell me, Am I biased?
  6. Vuslat: Don't even know how to explain this song. Has a piano, a man chanting and some 404 loops thrown in. A song where they sound like they were just throwing samples together.
  7. Azize: A great track. Arabic house at it's best. The male and female vocal work great with the track's drum line. That's all I have to say, you know how something good just leaves you speechless?
  8. Istanboogie: Cool drum line with a string and what sounds like steel drums melody that seem to change as often as possible without making the song a complete blubbering mess. At certain points the beat is awesome at others you are waiting for the song to end.
  9. Esrar: A very mellow almost trip-hoppy track with low vocals that work very well with the high tone of the song. Except, the random voice thrown in saying what sounds to be like "té küsh küsh küsh." Besides that the track is a very serene and mellow one.
  10. Zenne: Starts of sounding like it is going to be potentially a strong drum n base track. However, it's not the case but, where it lacks in that hard hitting sound it makes up for it with that true "Bellydancing Breakbeat" sound. I can completely imagine girls belly dancing seductively and guys raving around them. And ofcourse the other way around; if you ladies can get your guys to belly dance for you. I sure wouldn't :).
  11. Boomzaza: Long droning vocals with a heavy bassy sound as the fore-ground. It seems to just go over and over and over again with the same droning melody/beat.
  12. Boda: A string line that just loops combined with a 404 loop make this song stale and unchanging. Interesting only the first two listens or so.
  13. Palas: A track that sounds like it belongs in an arabic ghost story almost. The main character is running and he is being followed by a ghost. Actually that's not a bad idea for a music video :). No I have not been smoking anything.
  14. Tin Tin: A very fast paced technophillic, arabic housey, drum n bassy track with wonderful live instruments thrown in to counter the synthetic elements. Pretty good, but kind of long and unchanging though.
  15. Neyzen: A very mellow, earthy sound with thunder crashing, rainfall, streams flowing and birds chirping. If it wasn't for the vocals I could completely imagine this track being on a nature cd rather than a fusion album.

Well there you have it. This album was my first Oojami cd review. Go buy it and tell me if you agree with me or if I am missing something.

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