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Salt Rain by Susheela Raman


  1. Ganapati
  2. Maya
  3. Mamavatu
  4. Woman
  5. Mahima
  6. Trust In Me
  7. Bolo Bolo
  8. Salt Rain
  9. Kamakshi
  10. Nagumomo
  11. O Rama
  12. Song To The Siren


Four different languages flow beautifully through the intricately and melodically interwoven tracks. It's not a matter of which is spoken when, it's a matter of the lyrics and how they work with that melody.

In the leaflet Susheela talks of her desire to mesh blues-based lyrics with carntic songs and fine tuning it along with Sam Mills' West African music background coming from working with a group called Tama. The end product of this re-evaluation is a work that not only prances all over the lines but is also eerily exotic at times. With Raman's vocals, Aref Durvesh's tablas and dhols, Sam Mill's guitar, Djanuno Dabo's bongos and congos and, Vincent Segal's cellos - you get a sound that redefines the South Asian diaspora. With songs that touch the political like Woman to something like Trust In Me that could be the anthem of an overly protective lover to a number of tracks that border devotion with a dash of fusion added - this is no longer Asian Underground my friends; this is music.

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