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Tales Of The Inexpressible by Shpongle


  1. Dorset Perception
  2. StarShpongled Banner
  3. New Way to Say "Hooray!"
  4. Room 23c
  5. My Head Feels Like a Frisbee
  6. Shpongleyes
  7. Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness
  8. Around the World in a Tea Daze
  9. Flute Fruit


This is a group based around the partnership of halucinogen's Simon Posford and the flutist Raja Ram. Both providing us with an album that needs to be in any Asian Massive collectors shelves no matter if you like the electronic aspect of this sound or not.

An album that starts off with an ass-kicking track which tells us that we are in for an interesting treat. With Arabic, South Asian, Middle Eastern, African sounds layering the songs, flute melodies fading from the cd into your being, cheezy vocals (I am a machine man) making you smile, there is just enough aural pleasure added here to satisfy that atmospheric and classical depth that us Asian Massive lovers have grown so accustomed to. The sound however, in true halucinogen format, wavers to the unordinary with scratching, random sampling, pitch and tempo shifting, random equvalizng effects and splicing. But, if you know in youself that electronic world music is your cup of tea along with Asian Massive - well then what are you doing reading this rewiew - get your ass out there and get this funked up, absolutely fabolous album.

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