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Reflections V. 1 Compiled by Lelonek

Tracks / Samples:

  1. Osmani Soundz - Os System {JxspfButton}images/stories/audio/reflections-v-1-compiled-by-lelonek/1.mp3{/JxspfButton}
  2. Equal I - Driftwood
  3. Lelonek - Hamu {JxspfButton}images/stories/audio/reflections-v-1-compiled-by-lelonek/3.mp3{/JxspfButton}
  4. 1K Collective - Habibi
  5. Liquid Lounge - Lemon Tea
  6. DBA - Flowtip
  7. Kulisch & Vana - Veli Malarae {JxspfButton}images/stories/audio/reflections-v-1-compiled-by-lelonek/7.mp3{/JxspfButton}
  8. Lelonek - Connections (Equal I mix)
  9. 1 Peace Orchestra - Dillvaley
  10. DAO - Xiong
  11. Sun - Western View {JxspfButton}images/stories/audio/reflections-v-1-compiled-by-lelonek/11.mp3{/JxspfButton}
  12. Simbad - Food of Thoughts


After such a long wait - what’s left to say except that this album delivers what you expect from these guys: an album that deserves mention among the classics. From the, unsurpassed, Anokha fame comes talent that doesn't disappoint. There are talented artists here like Osmani Siounds, Lelonek, EQUAL I and many others that add great variety and versatility to the album. One main difference is the lack of "Talvin Singh Presents..." - it is now "Friedal Lelonek Presents..." - actually I don't even see any mention of Talvin Singh anywhere. Even though he is missed - the album is just fine without him.

The first track, in true Anokhesque form sets the album's tone with a laid-back drum n bass line done beautifully by Osmani Soundz letting us know what we can expect next. Not to be over done, Lelonek pays homage to this genre by creating an Arabic drums/lyrics infused pumpin' drum n bass sound for a track which is my personal favorite. It has forever been on repeat in my MP3/CD player. Other great tracks though in no particular order are 2, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12. Even though track 7 is sampling a clearly identifiable beat from an AR Rehman composition. Listen to track 7 again( {JxspfButton}images/stories/audio/reflections-v-1-compiled-by-lelonek/7.mp3{/JxspfButton} ) and to the first two tracks right here. Outside these tracks there are some that grossly oversimplify the definition of a song by just being too damn repetitious or just too gimmicky. Like repeating the sampled voice of an Arabic singer over and over.

All in all a good mix of tracks from the European artists that originally gave the Asian Massive/Underground sound a good kick n the ass with Anokha and are now back to nudge it along with a solid album again.

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