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First Edition by Temple Of Sound


This album represents the outfit for what the future of cross-cultural music is going to be. Tracks varying from cha-cha, to arabic to just plain brilliance. The guys don't belong in a genre (ie. world music) they ARE all the freaking genres.

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Tracks / Reviews:

  1. Chica Bonita: J├║anita Bambita - Cha - Cha - Cha - Cha: a hip hoppy / latiny beat - lyrics tacky at times.
  2. Black Madonna: A drum line like no other - has one chill-grooving right in their seat. Wendy Stubbs vocals are hypnotically mesmerizing - would love to hear the club remix of this.
  3. Real World: Arabic drums and lyrics - at perfect contrast with other. The high pitch vocals could belong in a much faster beat, tempo wise, than this. But, somehow it works.
  4. Dojo Kun: A drum n bass line with a saxophone line that matches in perfect sync with the mysterious (probably only because I don't understand them) vocals (french?) of Natacha Atlas and Jean Jacques Burnel.
  5. Gold of the Sun: A hip hop like line with the Temple Of Sound touch. Chill-groove to the violin/trumpet blended vocals of Wendy Stubbs and Neil Sparks.
  6. The lullaby of King Cross: A mellow dub/reggae beat - seamlessly blended across genres with Wendy Stubbs voice and a flowing string melody. Very laid back.
  7. Dub Colossus: Starts off sounding like it will be an angry powerhouse of a drum n bass track and it doesn't disappoint. Although it's not just the drum line that mesmerizes - M.S. Riley's poetry with Neil Sparks and L.K. Johnson's vocals do a kick ass job also.
  8. Mulatta and SuperFly: Latin house influenced track. Actually forget that - It IS Latin House!! And a good one at that.
  9. Salsina: A piano melody scratched up with vocals that sound like the singer is trying to seduce you. HUH?!!?!
  10. Revolution of the Heart: Omzone's Dk's lyrics from Tantra with Ming/FS sampled and re-interpreted with the added vocals of Neil Sparks. Sorry guys - there are better reworks out there. Too overdone and repetitive.
  11. Yo Afro!: African lyrics with an awesome drum line. This one is definitely going on the webcast.
  12. Quiemada: A rework of track 5 - sent through a high pass filter and without any vocals and gutar melody added. Not complaining here though - there's nothing wrong with the track. It's absolutely brilliant. Perfect to 'chillax' to. =)

Well there it is - the 'perfect' outfit stripped one track at a time.

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