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Roots by Rohan


  1. Introloop
  2. Roots
  3. Filter
  4. One World
  5. Goodbye My Soul
  6. Siren's Song
  7. Home
  8. Awake
  9. Water People
  10. Come To Me Slowly (Pt. I)
  11. Trippin
  12. Siren's Song (Lounge Remix)
  13. Chants
  14. Come to Me Slowly (Pt. II)
  15. Roots Revisited


With a sultry intro done by a melodious voice, you are left hopeful for this cd's greatness and, with a desire for more. Thankfully, the cd doesn't disappoint.

The most notable sound on this album is that of pop, r&b and sometimes folk given a south asian soul. Rohan sticks to this game plan almost all of the time - making most of the tracks, amazing. Soothing drum lines, emotion invoking melodies, peppered with drum n bass, dressed with tablas, sitars and other south asian instruments - all wonderfully accentuating both the male (rohan?) and female vocalists.

The other times however, really only for one or two tracks, something doesn't feel right - especially when he tries to do stereotypical asian massive - you know take a drum line and add a south asian sample on top of it. Even those times however the tracks are perfectly put together and have the capacity in them to become manageable after a couple of listens.

It's an album exploring new boundaries, trying new ideas and showing us a new direction for South Asian Fusion - something we are sorely missing in this sometimes over done scene.

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