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Liberation by Karsh Kale

Tracks / Samples:

  1. Liberation
  2. Instinct
  3. Analog Mood Swings
  4. Milan
  5. Break Of Dawn
  6. Dirty Fellow
  7. Letting Go
  8. GK2
  9. Cinematic Reprise
  10. Epic


The prince of Asian Massive has spoken once again and we, his subjects, faithfully listen. This is what - three albums from him in a matter of 2 years? Have we, as a scene, finally arrived or are we just along for the ride as this, US based, powerhouse shows us how it's done? Oh who cares! Enjoy the moment and forget all that ails you. You are in for a bass pumping, soul shaking, beat breaking and yet undeniably relaxing good time.

With tracks that rely more on their musical prowess than the lyrical - this album is more in tune with Redesign then Realize. But, in no way should you be fooled - this in NOT a drum n bass album. Karsh is having fun with us, asking 'didn't know I could do that did you?'

Here is a track that is a mix of drum n bass and 404 loops - were it not for the tabla and the choir boys(?) it wouldn't have been apparent that it's Asian Massive. Then there is a track that comes off sounding like house - or how about this track which starts off with an r&b line and works over to a drum n bass one. Then there are tracks that start off sounding like full blown classical works, done with the Madras Chamber Orchestra, yet some how beautifully meld themselves into the Karsh style drum lines that we have so grown to love.

With only 10 tracks one might feel that they overpaid for this album. But, with each track unerringly covering multiple genre's you are left astounded at the great deal you just got.

Wait is that an electric guitar I just heard.

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