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Music For Aliens by Alien Chatter

Tracks / Samples:

  1. Kervah Swings
  2. Deep Space Six
  3. We Are All Connected
  4. Rhythms...
  5. Leo 1
  6. Sagittarius A
  7. AC 7
  8. Shadow World
  9. Parallel Universe
  10. Cosmose Expanded
  11. Echoes Of The Big Bang
  12. Persistence Of Mercury
  13. We're Not From Here


Jazz/Electronica rolled up with traditional/classical South Asian beats is something we have all heard before, but it's rare to hear it done so well done, especially Stateside. You could, leave this album playing allowing it to be the melodious background music that soothes your night at home or, let it's haunting beauty wander all over your spine stimulating your body bit by bit.

The utter lack of presumption combined with an unerring ability to lay out beats, where neither the East nor West takes over the other is a harmonious quality missing in most of this album's counter parts. Here the tabla isn't added as an afterthought, it holds its lead in the crowd yet allows the other instruments to have their moment to shine. This isn't the new age of fusion - you know "fusion for the sake of fusion" - this is two guys doing something that feels right to them and you hear it.

Get the album! But, only if you want some of the best Electronified Jazz cooing in and out of you, cleansing every pore in your body.

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