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Infinite Love by Mira Veda


  1. Not With You (Intro)
  2. Tell Me
  3. I Thought You Were Love Me Too
  4. Love Yourself
  5. Infinite Love
  6. Sweetest Thing
  7. Fortunate
  8. First Time
  9. Stolen
  10. Tell Me (Zakhm Mix)
  11. Tell Me (Jay Dabhi Mix)
  12. Not Without You (Outro)


She is one of the first South Asian RnB artist who deserves recognition; the resounding example of the fact that us south asians can do it too. Her voice reminds you of Mariah, or TLC - but with a distinct flavor all its own. The commendable part is that she is doing it all on her own: no affiliations with popular hip hoppers, no work as their back up singer and no blasphemous ruining of Indian beats a la DJ Quik here.

The album, despite providing a sampling of her great vocal talents, makes missteps sometimes . Best example: it adds unnecessary south asian beats - more like after thoughts - to try to make the tracks sound fuller (I'd assume). As on track 3: what was the need for the synthesized sitar, a grand piano would have worked just fine - just takes away from Mira's voice - same for track 5. Despite that fact, her voice and talent make up for any minor production silliness.

Even provided are two mixes - one a night club worthy drum n bass rework of "Tell Me" done by Zakhm of Mutiny's fame and the other, another rework of "Tell Me" in a bollywoodish/housish flavor by Jay Dabhi.

The rest of the album belongs among the RnB'ers on Hot 97 or AV's own bhangra hop hour (7 to 8 pm EST - shameless plug). Honestly though, it wouldn't be at all surprising if her talents do land her on mainstream media. A Top 40s Hit by an Indian artist? Hey, that's not a bad idea!

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