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The Warm Chill by TJ Rehmi


  1. You Are We Am i (Red Mix)
  2. The Warm Chill
  3. Axis Of Ignorance
  4. Perfumed
  5. Asmaaniac
  6. Aja (Ode To Sunshine)
  7. You Are We Am i (Blue Mix)
  8. Xcentric 9. Lone Rider
  9. For The Unknown
  10. The Escape

Review: Here is one that's a gem. TJ presents us with a dichotomous oxymoron: The Warm Chill. And yes, we are warmed by his chilling ability to move our soul with a melody that hides underneath the poetry of the ever changing drum line.

Presented is exactly what the title says: a decidedly TJ affair with a chill down factor that borders on the line of ambient/down tempo - with enough breaks and scratching thrown in to leave you wanting more. There is even an awesome drum n bass track that unmistakingly belongs on Nasha.s Eastern Drum album (which, by the way, seems to be stuck in the post production - didn't make enough copies the first time through stage. Anyone with a copy please contact me - I am tired of calling that label.)

Sorry for that digression.

With this album TJ has brought back the melody in the decidedly noisy - "synth processed beat filled" Asian Underground/Massive arena and has done it in his own unconventional way. And, seriously speaking, we couldn't have asked for anything more. Let the album play and enjoy what no one else could have done - or for that matter, has the guts to do. This album is a bold statement against the cookie cutter tracks that are popping up out there. There is a definite electronic factor here but it's not like the tracks are from a mass production electronic factory - get what I mean?

Final Verdict: enjoy the album - it is a rare occurrence to hear such quality these days.

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