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Breathing Cultures by Ikarus


  1. Tomorrow is another day (feat. Zeebee)
  2. Ganga (feat. Sandhya Sanjana)
  3. Morning Meditation
  4. History has taught us nothing
  5. Nothing (feat. Louise)
  6. Desire
  7. Be here now
  8. Silent sigh (feat. Zeebee)
  9. Breathing cultures
  10. Deep inside


It's tough to review an album that has been sitting with you for the last few months. Well why wasn't it reviewed you ask? First, forgetfulness was the culprit but eventually it was fear. Fear of either giving too good a review for having gotten used to the tracks or of ripping the album apart due to utter boredom of hearing the tracks over and over again.

So why a review now? Well, if you read between the lines it's obvious: this album has lasting value.

The issue is that none of the tracks feel like they belong next to the other. Sure they are all in the "fusion" genre but, there is no flow from one track to the next; genres change, music style changes, mood changes and it feels almost like a compilation.

But, the positive point there is that: Ikarus can present so many genres at once that it's amazing - now someone just needs to remind him on how to produce cohesive tracks that belong together in one place.

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