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MIDIval Times by MIDIval Punditz


  1. Morning
  2. Saathi (feat. Ustad Sultan Khan)
  3. Raanjhan (feat. Abida Parveen)
  4. 136
  5. Rebirth (feat. Anoushka Shankar)
  6. Khayaal (feat. Vishal Vaid)
  7. Piya
  8. Kesariya
  9. Ali (feat. Kailash Kher)
  10. Enemy
  11. Hold On (Thaarey Rahiyo)

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MIDIval Punditz have done it again. Only this time the tracks are much more lyrically inclined. Could this be Karsh's influence coming through? Who knows? Really it doesn't matter.

This album is a seamless blend of musical decisiveness that shows the courage of the two Punditz. Courage to take music made in India and rework it not as "outsiders" but as pure bred insiders. Insiders who have an understanding of South Asian music that is inherent to them - there's no necessity to pretend to be cultural visionaries here because this IS them.

Although, there are enough genres here to boggle the mind (did that song just end with an electrical guitar solo!!?!?!) - presented aren't just musical genres blended with South Asian Classical but, South Asian music reworked through the viewpoint of a new generation. Really, who are we to say what's classical and what's not? When two musicians/producers/djs from New Delhi (the homeland?) can move the masses in NY, SF, London - where ever! - who are we to say that this is the American Asian Massive or the British Asian Underground done in New Delhi? Why can't this be the new South Asian sound?

When collaborations include Ustad Sultan Khan, Anoushka Shankar and Vishal Vaid (of Karsh's Realize) all that can be said is - this is great music.

Electronica flows, mellows and bounces without claim of any greatness - it's just done right. Lyrics compliment the melodies/beats and vice versa without an ounce of pretension. They have taken the concept of south asian music/asian massive/asian underground to a place where the three are inseparable. Even the remix of a bollywood track, Hold On, becomes likable in a few listens.

If you liked their first album - the lyrics on this one might take a bit of getting used to but lets not pretend, you'll be grooving in no time.

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