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Tank by Asian Dub Foundation


  1. Flyover
  2. Tank
  3. Hope
  4. Round Up
  5. Oil
  6. Powerlines
  7. Who Runs the Place
  8. Take Back the Power
  9. Warring Dhol
  10. Tomorrow Begins Today
  11. Melody 7


Taking it back to their roots - ADF has "avenged" again. This time however, it's not just for Rafi. Now their outrage has given representation to a much larger population - one that is being attacked all around the world and I don't mean the Americans.

One hard hitting track after another ADF has provided us with DnB-ified political commentary that we can both enjoy and debate. This isn't an album for the meek at heart who wish to hide behind the 'news' about the most recent celebrity breakup/marriage. Yet, it IS one album that will make you dance all the way through. You'll be forced to listen to the lyrics and recognize the message these guys are preaching - you'll have to think and sing along as they berate you about the state of our world (in their opinion?). Only the last two tracks break away from this and become very mellow - eh a break was needed, after all that dancing, anyways.

You must be asking: this could have been said about any of their previous albums - so what's so different this time around? Well to be honest, absolutely nothing. That's the best part about ADF - you know exactly what to expect and you know that they will deliver. As long as there is political/religious strife anywhere they will make it their mission to become the voice of the 'misrepresented,' and give you that 'second opinion' that the media sorely needs.

Final word: get the album and stop hiding in your "perfect world."

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