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Eastern Drum and Breaks Vol 2 by Various Artists


  1. Ges-e - PK757
  2. Zahid - Sahara
  3. A R Rahman (Ges-e & Equal-i refix) - So Gaye Hain
  4. The Nasha Experience - Aaja
  5. Aktarv8r - Shinkirou
  6. Zahid - Electro K
  7. Phono 2 Mini Jack - Elastic People
  8. Aktarv8r - Afterwrath
  9. Zahid - The Gaza Strip
  10. Ges-e - Streets of Basra
  11. Interlude
  12. Ges-e - Mann Industries
  13. Vani - Pyar Bina
  14. Osmani Soundz - Lushmeena


Radiohead is probably the only group who has managed to change its sound on a consistent basis and still maintain a core group of fans that are fiercely loyal. Outside that, any artist/group, especially the not-so-well-known ones, need to maintain a stability that their fans can relate to and come back for. Nasha's artists have done just that and, damn have they done it well!

The difference between Nasha's first and second major release is minor at best. Installment number two continues the trend that doesn't give you a moment of peace - you have to move - there is nothing else to do. Jarring DnB basslines melded with indian instruments, effected riffs and droning vocals fixed to a bmp fast enough to all call you to the dance floor, all make you understand this sound. If you are an artists-must-change-sounds-with-every-album-and-evolve type of person - you begin to see that this isn't music meant to be discussed or debated or, for that matter, critiqued; it is meant to be danced to and nothing else. In that vain, Nasha has created a dance floor crusher.

Nitin's departure from Outcaste was the loss of it's soul - Nasha dj/producers departure - the loss of it's moving, shaking and grovin' body. Ges E, Aktarv8r, Osmani Soundz etc. all come from a breakbeat/dnb background and they show us again and again, with one track after another, that they are not going to change anything about that. So you might as well just get up and dance.

Weirdly enough the young[est?] one on the record label, Vani, does the mellowest track (Pyar Bina) - how's that for evolution?

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