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La Ghriba - La Kahena Remixed by Dj Cheb i Sabbah


  1. Toura Toura: The Nav Deep Remix; DJ Sandeep Kumar
  2. Sadats: Les Filles de Marrakech Remix; Fnaire
  3. Alkher Illa Doffor: The nectar Remix; Bassnectar
  4. Jarat Fil Hum: The Chalice Remix; Yossi Fine
  5. Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit: The Rai of Light Club Remix;Temple Of Sound
  6. Sadats: The Sufi Sonic Remix; MoMo
  7. Alla Al 'Hbab: The Hydrophobia Remix; Dar Beida 04
  8. Toura Toura: The Medina Remix; The Chakadoons
  9. Madh Assalhin: The Zen Breaks Remix; Makyo
  10. Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit: The Constantine Remix; BillLaswell
  11. Im Ninalou: The Groovio Deep End Remix; Gaurav Raina(Midival Punditz)


While La Kahena might have been a tough sell for Cheb's non-African/Arabic fans, La Ghariba reaches out to that crowd and, might I add, grabs attention very aptly. There is something for everyone here.

Now, the hard part. The problem with reviewing remix albums (and that goes for listening to them also) is that ones musical taste might be very different then all the genres provided. This is my current conundrum. While the amount of talent required to create the tracks on this album is very appreciable I just have a hard time getting into the groove with some of the tracks here because well, I just don't enjoy that genre.

All that can be said is: the tracks provided are amazing samples of trance, breakbeat, hip hop, rai and bhangra; all fused flawlessly with La Kahena. Thus, any listener who has enjoyed any of the previous remix albums from Six Degrees, be it from Karsh Kale, Cheb i or whomever will definitely enjoy this masterpiece.

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