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Hello Hello by MIDIval Punditz


  1. Electric Universe
  2. Tonic
  3. Atomizer
  4. Four Sticks
  5. Naina Laagey
  6. Drifting
  7. Desolate
  8. Sun Mere Sanam
  9. Har Ek Baat
  10. The Lucky One
  11. Electric Universe (acoustic)

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MIDIval Punditz are the chameleons of the south asian fusion scene: ever changing their musical appearance and doing it to communicate with the world rather than hide in it. (don't believe that chameleons do that? check the wiki!).

This is the one time where I quote the media package provided with the CD because it rings so true. They have released a "soundtrack for the Age of the Shuffle...[i.e. allowing the] listeners to jump from one style of music to another" without ever leaving their album. With not one mis-step in sight they have crafted an album that spans the world while giving a solid "f*ck off with your categories" to the pigeon holers who decide where an album "should belong."

A few tracks that struck a chord for me include: Electric Universe, doing the electronica thing perfectly. Tonic, coming close to being a cliché but pulling off the folksy indian woman with a rapper without a hitch. Atomizer, reminding me of a bad-80's tv-commercial . but done in a easily audible way . yes I know that's almost ironic.

Four Sticks is a Led Zeppelin remake!? (I am mentioning Led Zepplin in a MIDIval Punditz review . never thought I'd see the day.) Also, it's almost funny how much Drifting could be a U2 track and Electric Universe's acoustic version be Bono singing. And wow, what an amazing remake of Mirza Ghalib's ghazal Har Ek Baat.

This lack of cohesion in the album strays from norm, but does bring to light that to survive on smaller labels and to thrive in the iTunes era, artists need to span multiple genres. So, you dollar per song buyers, here are eleven dollars you have to spend.

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