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Copy Protected CDs from PalmPictures

Last night I went on a cd buying frenzy and bought 10 albums in a single shot. One of those was Mystic Groove by Quango published by Palmpictures LLC. Although, the cd works fine on my sony cd discman it isn't playable on my computer, both at work and at home. Wierd part: the cd comes with cdplayer.exe making me think that maybe, it just doesn't play on winamp (my default cd player) but nope, not the case. Even the cdplayer provided in the cd doesn't play it. I called Tower Records complained and they were nice enough to let me return it, despite the fact that I didn't have my receipt.

My Verdict: DO NOT BUY from Palm Pictures
and if you do buy from them, use tower records (at least the one on the corner of broadway and 4th in nyc) because they let me exchange w/o my receipt.

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