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East Rain by Shri


  1. Appa2
  2. Heavy World
  3. East Rain
  4. Lifecycle
  5. Tarana
  6. Di Floris
  7. Watching
  8. Mela
  9. Ethni-City
  10. Strange
  11. A Piece of Peace


Wow! Was really NOT expecting that.

This is the sophomore effort by Shri and it shows maturity beyond belief. (To the point that I had to go back and listen to Drum the Bass again to make sure it wasn't my own narrow minded nature that caused me to dislike that album first time around - no it wasn't - it really was worlds behind East Rain.)

Shri has absolutely stepped up to the plate. The production of this album is stellar. Where Drum the Bass seemed like a disparate mix of instruments and vocals, East Rain has the cohesiveness of a true master; with a definite touch of homegrown talents. Nitin beware - had Shri's name been on BBC's awards my vote would have been entirely different. (Well there you go - now you know how I voted).

Track one kicks it off with a modern day classic. Low drum lines and strings beautifully melded with the sitar welcome you in. Then Heavy World sung by Kathryn William works perfectly as the back drop to any one's moment of peace after a hard days work. Leading right now into title track which honestly was sub par. However, the rest of the album else takes you through a journey reminiscent of Signs. Was Badmarsh secretly tapped for his drum n bass skills? That's an answer you'll only get after you read the jacket to the album. All I have to say is: man, what a loss for Outcaste.

Shri, has shown us that practice does indeed make perfect. This album can officially be filed under - best improvement ever made within one album.

PS: No need for samples. Just go to Shri's site and listen away.

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