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Asian Travels by Various Artists


  1. Ja Sha Taan - Fun Da Mental (T.U.K.D mix)
  2. Kese Kese - DJ Cheb I Sabbah
  3. Currents - Kingsuk Biswas
  4. Ghoom Charakhana - Najma (T.S.F.S.I mix)
  5. Sweet Pain - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan/Michael Brook (Joi remix)
  6. Delirium - Euphoria (State Of Bengal Delhi Rias mix)
  7. Harvey And The Old Ones - Banco De Gaia (Single mix)
  8. Soft Music Under Stars - Fila Brazillia
  9. Different Space, A - Bob Holroyd (radio edit)
  10. All For You - Shankar

Review: With tracks that make you wanna keep listening, tracks that make you want to dance and tracks that relax your mind, body and soul; this album has a good mix of songs that are perfect for someone who knows nothing about Asian Underground music.

The tracks are done by some well knowns and some unknowns in Asian Underground. Mixes and original works are provided by Fun-da-mental, State of Bengal, Kigsuk Biwas (Bedoin Ascent from Anokha), DJ Cheb i Sabbah, Talvin Singh and Joi. However, besides these guys there are artists that, to an Asian Underground listener like myself were 'unknowns'. Artists like Euphoria, Banco De Gaia, Shankar, Bob Holroyd and Fila Brazillia. Even though these guys are not too well known in Asian Underground, the music they present here with the veterans, gives the listener a definite idea of what asian influenced music is all about. Taken one song at a time or as a whole, this album contains some very inspirational work. Well worth the 14 dollars I spent.

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