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Differences (EP) by Badmarsh


  1. Tribal Warfare
  2. Differences
  3. Simply Rolling
  4. Goa Funk
  5. Easin' In
  6. Let It Roll

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Badmarsh, the man knows how to get you to get up and dance (initially).

But, to keep you interested in his tracks for the entirety of the tracks he doesn't know how to do. This EP contains only six songs and frankly four of them suck. The title track, Differences gets boring about 2 minutes into it and, gets overused and stale. That is the story for everything else except, Tribal Warfare and Easin' In. Those are the only tracks worth listening to again and again. For anyone who wants some hard hidding drum and base should invest in this EP, the rest should ignore this album and go get his newer work with Shri on Outcaste Records.

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