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Dancing Drums by Badmarsh + Shri


  1. Dancing Drums
  2. The Asian Detective
  3. Gharana
  4. 130 Steps
  5. The Air I Breathe
  6. Lament
  7. Mather
  8. Parallel Crossing
  9. Interlude
  10. Disturbed Synapses
  11. Salsa Gha rana

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Take the drum and base talent of Badmarsh w/ the classical talent of Shri and what do you get?

A lack luster album that has all but 5 decent songs on it. Starting with Dancing Drums, simply an awesome song to Asian Detective, another great song then, we go down hill. The rest of the album is a bad attempt to mix pure classical tabla with drum & base. That combination, is something we all know can be done, but these two guys tried too hard to please the masses. There is a high point late in the album; song named, Parallel Crossing - this song has to be the best on the album; starting with a flute backed by tabla solo, then the flute itself taking over and with it the tabla, picking up the pace, mixed perfectly with the synthesized drums of Badmarsh. So with 3 good songs and a couple of other decent ones, this album should be part of your collection, if u are collecting, otherwise only the 3 songs are worth the money.

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