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Beyond Skin by Nitin Sawhney


  1. Broken Skin
  2. Letting Go
  3. Homelands
  4. Pilgrim
  5. Tides
  6. Nadia
  7. The Immigrant
  8. Serpents
  9. Anthem Without Nation
  10. Nostalgia
  11. The Confrence

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If there ever was a man that truly knew what the future of music would sound like and knew how to produce that sound now, Nitin Sawhney has to be him.

There is no way to truly critique this album; that would require me to find flaws but, there are no flaws in this album!!. Nitin produces music that not only touches the analytical side of your mind but also produces an unrest in your accepting soul. He makes you doubt everything you hold true. Nuclear weapons for India, what a great idea......or is it? (if you heard the album you would understand what I mean). This album is definitly NOT for the asian underground drum and base lover. But, for anyone bored with repetitions in sound, loops of music, sampling and a lack of purpose in music; they should invest in all of Nitin's albums. Especially this one.

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