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Maha Maya (Shri Durga Remixes) by Dj Cheb i Sabbah


  1. DJ Cheb i Sabbah - Smarapanam
  2. State of Bengal - Shri Durga Remix
  3. TJ Rehmi - Durga Puja Remix
  4. Transglobal Underground - Kese Kese Remix
  5. Bedoin Ascent - Ganga Dev Remix 6. Bally Sagoo - Kese Kese Remix
  6. FuDaMental - Shri Durga Remix
  7. DJ Cheb i Sabbah - Radhe Krishna

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There are two types of remixes on a slow, mellow, relaxing beat that a dj can do. One: accentuate that beat; add overtones, undertones, inlay more samples and basically keep it mellow, but, better. Second: Speed that baby UP!! On Maha Maya both types of remixes are present.

State of Bengal, Transglobal Underground and Bally Sagoo (whats he doing on an asian underground album????) do the power remixes and, the accentuating tracks are provided by, TJ Rehmi(a promising upcoming artist), Bedoin Ascent and Fun-da-mental. There is also remix provided Dj Cheb i Sabbah himself. As much as I dislike, a remixer taking a 'chill' beat and speeding it up, SOB and TU as expected, do a very good job at it (with me even wanting to dance to TU's version of Kese Kese); Bally Sagoo's remix sucked (plain and simple) he doesn't even belong on this album (but that's just my point of view). Of the mellower tracks, TJ Rehmi hit me by surprise, who is this guy?? Wow! he did an awesome job on this remix. I got info that he will be releasing his own album pretty soon, I am dying to hear it. This album on a whole - is definitly worth the buy if you even remotly enjoyed the original Shri Durga by Dj Cheb i Sabbah. I recommend it to everyone, I mean come on - its religious music sounding its best.

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