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Tala Matrix by Tabla Beat Science


  1. Secret Channel
  2. Magnetic
  3. Audiomaze
  4. Don't Worry.Com
  5. Palmistry
  6. Devotional
  7. Big Brother
  8. Triangular Objects
  9. Biotech
  10. Alla


Tabla Beat Science; well what can I say, with greats like Zakir Hussein, Karsh Kale, Bill Laswell I was expecting a lot more from this album than what I actually got.

Its a well done musical production with all the songs with good musical talent backing them up; however, where the album provides talent and musical genious it lacks in originality and inventiveness. Some of the songs could been excerpts from Bill Laswell's Lo Def Pressure. Nothing new is put on the table, no new ideas, no new sounds. Its simply tabla + base. Tabla + base at its best, but only that and nothing more.. If you enjoyed Talvin Singh's Ok and Laswell's Lo Def Pressure, you should definitly get this album. Me on the other hand, having a huge collection of just asian fusion albums am disappointed. Cool album that only keeps you interested for about two to three full listen throughs, after that the cd might as well be a coffee table coaster.

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