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Outcaste New Breed UK by Various Artists


  1. Emotional Breakdown - Mo Magic
  2. Flute Song - Ges E + Usman
  3. Dah-Din Beats - Ges E + Usman
  4. Funksta - Mo Magic
  5. Sanatan - Niraj Chag
  6. Redemption - Niraj Chag
  7. Walk Alone - Niraj Chag
  8. Field of Dreams - Ges E + Usman
  9. Downtown - Mo Magic
  10. Talking Tablas - Ges E + Usman
  11. Feelings - Mo Magic
  12. Ye Zameen - Niraj Chag


Decidedly, a very sound, intricate, intelligent and well done piece of work by the artists.

These new guys of OutCaste Records have a definite understanding of what it means to apply asian cultural influences onto drum 'n base and, funk sounds. With twelve tracks and of them only one that was weak, this album is a must own for anyone who enjoys drum 'n base and asian underground. Mo Magic, Ges E, Usman and Niraj Chag all have talent beyond belief. Only thing is, even though these tracks were very well done I disliked the last two tracks on the album: Feelings and Ye Zameen because, they were remixes and I feel remixes simply lack creativity. They show talent, not creativity; sorry to all the DJs.

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