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Redesign by Karsh Kale


Well here it is, after some delay and with a lot of rumor added - Karsh Kale's Realize remixed to sound like what any drum n base/trip hop album with south asian influences would sound like. This my friends is a great thing. OK - Tracks Ho!

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Tracks / Reviews:

  1. Saajana (Ming and FS Mix): Too bad this sounds NOTHING! like the original, otherwise KK could have billed this as a great rework of his track. Save for the samples of Sajana this is an awesome original track by M&F - hope you see the paradox here :)
  2. Destroy the Icon (Bone Cruise Mix): An original track first time in the public ear. Traditional KK style with chants - male, female and what sounds like little girls layered over a cool drum line.
  3. One Step Beyond (DJ Spooky Datalife 2002 Mix): Sounds like a great mellow - little changed - rework of the original until the housy, drum n bassy, technoy line kicks in. Sounds pretty damn cool. DJ Spooky is having fun with some scratching and 404s for your pleasure.
  4. Deepest Blue (KK's Deepest Brooklyn Mix): A great "Brooklyn" (as Karsh himself puts it) remix of the original. Drum line stays the same through the whole track.
  5. Home (MIDIval PunditZ Higher Salvation Mix): Home - through the hands of the upcoming MIDIval Punitz. Very chill - relaxed - groove worthy remix of the original. Definitely can't wait for their album to be released.
  6. Distance (Banco de Gaia Remix): Environmentally stable, biodegradable and yet danceably healthy for you. Karsh has created a cure for all that ails you. Take two listens and call him in the morning.
  7. Empty Hands (Bill Laswell Mix): Great remix with a greatly enhanced drum line. But, the vocals leave a lot to be desired. Bill Laswell has taken something rich and stimulating and compressed it down to a vocal that sounds monotone. Something I could have sung....now that is bad!
  8. Light Up the Love (Mighty Junn Summer Of XAI Mix): Drum n Bassy, R n Bish remix of the original. Which sounds pretty cool for a relaxed, lounge feel.
  9. Home (Navdeep Pressure Mix): Navdeep showing us his talents. Couldn't have imagined the original Home sounding like this. Drum n Base just running wild and causing you an infectious desire to simply dance. As if you could do anything else to this track!
  10. Empty Hands (DK Pyar Amor Mix): Very nicely added drum n bass line to the track - the true difference lies in the high hats and the low basses. Very beautifully done DK.
  11. Anja (Mother Earth Mix): Very relaxed - very mellow - very cool. A perfect remix of the original.
  12. Home (Mukul Acid Lullaby): Home's lyrics, which could be perfect for it, made to sound like a very soothing lullaby. Perfect end to an album which starts with a hard hitting drum n base track.

Twelve remixes of the original Realize cd. Despite a few soft spots, this is the best album I have heard in quite some time.

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