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Urban Uproar by Visionary Underground


  1. Countries @ War
  2. Hard Time Pressure
  3. Make It Happen
  4. Freedom
  5. 1000 Mirrors by ADF (VU mix)
  6. 100 Vibes
  7. Let It Be So
  8. Bomb
  9. Urban Uproar
  10. Hooliganz
  11. Tabla'ism


Drum n Bass, Jungle livening up the crowds. This album shows the real effects that Asian Massive / Underground has had on the drum n bass community. Personally no album from that crowd is complete without some Asian sounds and it seem that VU realize that mine isn't a secluded point of view.

There is no other way explain this except that - this is exactly what the asian undergound, not massive, fanatics have been waiting for. (Read as: fans of Mo Magic and Ges E not Karsh, Talvin and Nitin.) With Aref Duvresh's tablas and vocals infused across the album; MC Navigator's, of Culture Move with Asian Dub Foundation's fame, lyrical prowess and Sinead O' Conner's, powered by Asian Dub Foundation, beautiful voice - this is a must have for anyone that listens to Asian Vibrations.

Except a few tracks, all the tracks, like Let it Be So, are groove worthy but, the best two tracks on the album have to be Freedom and the remix of 1000 Mirrors. (The latter being phenomenal enough that despite the fact that VU only provided a stream of it on their website, not a download - I did a crappy audio/analog record of it for Asian Vibrations webcast before I officially received the promo. It's worth it!!!)

Final comment: Get this one!!! (There is no point in providing audio samples because almost the entire album is available on VU's website as mp3's - I'm sure it won't stay that way for too long though so grab NOW!!.)

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