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Zen And The Art Of Chilling 2 by Various Artists


  1. Ana - Transglobal Underground
  2. Gypsy Tears - Balthazar
  3. Ange en Paix (feat Zohar) - Amina
  4. Radio Axiom (Alsema Dub) - Bill Laswell + Jah Wobble
  5. Paths - Robert Miles
  6. Invisible Rain - T.J. Rehmi
  7. Space In-Between - Bob Holroyd 8
  8. Inferno (Galactic Caravan Mix) - Emma Shapplin
  9. Sketches of Egypt (feat Hakim) - Zohar
  10. Deniz (Sea) - Aziza A
  11. The Essence - Agricantus
  12. Ymb - Boozoo Bajou
  13. Detends Toi - Rollercone
  14. Round About Midnight - Gotan Project meets Chet Baker
  15. Scent of Time - Dragon Chai


While AsianVibrations listeners might have heard some of these tracks elsewhere, they definitely have not savored them in such a cohesive and complete compilation such as this. This album is a cd burner's nightmare - never will you wish to rearrange, remove or add any tracks by re-burning.

Greats, knowns, unknowns and maybe even one hit wonders all grace the listing of this album with tracks that relax, yet astound you with the invigorating originality that pulsates through these artist's veins. Never are you left bored or wondering where the talent has disappeared. These are great tracks to chill out to but, never be they sleep inducing.

It does seem though, that some of the tracks are shorter versions of the originals - such as Paths by Roberto Concina (aka Robert Miles). One has to wonder how much of the original music is missing; if Paths is any indication there is at least a third of each track lost in production and editing.

o worries though - collectively it's still well worth the money.


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