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Vivid by Najma


  1. Captive
  2. Miskatonic
  3. Whispers
  4. Rise Above
  5. Kahani
  6. Afsana
  7. Tale Spinner
  8. Justice Coming
  9. New Light
  10. Running Scared
  11. Classico


Najma is a vocalist that travels across Pop, Asian Massive, and Bollywood sounds at the same time - with Bollywood and Pop leading the way. This is not a traditional album, this is not a classical work, this is not an unequalled phenomenon - this is simply an album by a female whose voice lends us to believe that she could be great singing in a Bombay club while also doing songs for a record label that handles world sounds.

Although, this is mainly classified as "world" only because it isn't American - it is simply South Asian and not even very varied inside that subcontinent. Sticks mainly to the Bollywood/Pop type of sound. The album has many high points where Najma shows us what she is capable of, with great tracks melding South Asian with the West in a very sincere manner. But, every once in a while a listener can grate the cheese oozing out without much effort. So, you have been cautioned - enjoy the good but be weary of the bad.

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