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Dhamaal Sound System by Dhamaal Sound System


  1. R/Evolution
  2. Oppaari
  3. Chandraya
  4. Z Motion
  5. Folklore
  6. Tazan Lookout
  7. Twilight Creeper
  8. Chalan


With this offering to the Asian Massive "gods" Dhamaal has placed themselves and the San Fran South Asian scene on the map - daring anyone to doubt their skills and deny their talent.

With this album, you are forced to recognize the hard core street credence of this raw and powerful group. The tracks make your head bop and senses perk up in recognition. True, that sometimes the tracks do have that "car commercial-unchanging" feel but mostly melodies actually change and tones actually shift - rare to hear in the recent drum n bass productions. Interestingly enough, some of the melodies even sound as industrial on the verge of becoming electro clash. Very daring indeed.

Don't get the wrong idea though, this isn't just a drum n bass album. There are tracks here that these "showoffs" use to remind us that tabla taals are possible on a western drum also i.e. talvin meets nasha in a mix that we have all been longing for. Dance to the drum n bass and then relax to the tracks that play the tabla in a "background music in the restaurant" type of fashion. (which by the way is NOT AT ALL a bad thing!)

Personal favorites: R/Evolution and Folklore

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