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miles_gurtu by: Trilok Gurtu + Robert Miles


  1. Golden Rust
  2. Soul Driven
  3. Wearing Masks
  4. Tragedy: Comedy
  5. Omen
  6. Loom
  7. Languages of Conscious Thought
  8. Without a Doubt
  9. Small World
  10. Small World (Reprise)
  11. Inductive
  12. The Big Picture
  13. Xenon


miles_gurtu: a trickily self-titled album by Robert Miles and Trilok Gurtu gives us something that skirts the outskirts (is that redundant?) of the Asian Massive/Underground umbrella. Presented here, is not drum n bass, not breakbeat, not even electronica in the conventional sense of the term. This is just pure electronic wizardry.

Listen to tracks and, let them show you the talents of these two professionals. These tracks, although very short (only six of the thirteen are over four minutes long) sound as if following the action of a dark comedy/horror film with an emphasis on horror. If you are a screen play writer, especially in the above mentioned genre, this music will be the perfect muse for that damn writers block. Let it play and the horrific ideas and visuals will just flow through your brain (or maybe I am just demented?) Allow your mind to follow Gurtu.s jazz/rock melodies and Miles' electronic genius and, you will be set.

If Robert Miles' Organik was your cup of chai then definitely pick this up. Experimentally mellifluous to say the least.

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