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Selwa by Choying Drolma + Steve Tibbetts


  1. Padmakara
  2. Palden Rangjung
  3. Vakritunda
  4. Kyamdro Semkye
  5. Gayatri 6. Song of Realization
  6. Yumchen Tukar
  7. Mandala Offering
  8. Chenrezi
  9. Chendren
  10. Je Lama


Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts have created a piece of work that, on the surface, presents a melding of cultures caused by the Tibetan exile i.e. beautifully done tracks in Tibetan interspersed with a few ragas/prayers in Sanskrit.

However, the tracks also flow in perfect sync with the west. Presenting the east gloriously without pretension - now how is that for fusion?

The electronic soundscapes glide patiently over the folk voice of the gifted Tibetan nun who is absolutely stunning in this element. This is the second cd produced by these twos' collaboration, and honestly, disappointment isn't a strong enough of a word to convey my feelings for not having heard the first one.

Only one complaint: few moments come through as harsh production missteps - overbearing at best, absolutely annoying at worst.

Besides that however, the talent provides with a mellow soundscape which, were it not present here, would be worth traveling the world over. Any chill out moment's dream.

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