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All Mixed Up by Nitin Sawhney


  1. Homelands [Free Form Five Mix]
  2. Falling [Quantic Mix]
  3. River [Aaron Jerome Mix]
  4. Immigrant [KV5 Mix]
  5. Falling [Atjazz Mix]
  6. Eastern Eyes [Seiji Mix]
  7. Rainfall [Bugz Dirty Bruk Down Mix]
  8. Lately [Ges-E and Visionary Underground Mix]
  9. Cold and Intimate [Landslide Mix]
  10. Sunset [MJ Cole Mix]
  11. Sunset [London Elektricity Mix]
  12. Moonrise [Joe Clausell Mix]
  13. Disc 2: 23 minute mix


Improve Nitin? Not possible; however, you can add to him. Presented are two cd's: one with remixes of Nitin's tracks and another with a 23 minute mix of these tracks (provided for the djs out there?)

The conundrum here is that, knowing the originals of these tracks incapacitates this 'review.' Not to say these are bad songs but, adding drum n bass, reggae/hip hop and down tempo to the genre that is Nitin doesn't always end with desirable results.

The remixers have done some great reworks within their own respective talents but this isn't a Nitin album you are getting. If names such as Ges E, Aron Jerome, MJ Cole are already in your cd rack then this is a perfect addition otherwise wait for Nitin's next one.

If still not convinced though - listen to AV's radio for the long mix.

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