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Broken English by Karsh Kale


  1. Manifest
  2. Dancing At Sunset
  3. Beautiful
  4. New Born Star
  5. Free Fall
  6. Drive
  7. Innocence And Power
  8. Hole In The Sky
  9. Some Things Are O.K.
  10. Louder Than Bombs
  11. Rise Up


In the past a Karsh album had the capacity to be listenable from the moment it was first played. Trapping us with its aura from the get go. This time around however, things are a bit different. No, not in a bad way though.

While, Karsh hasn't lost the ability to astound he has lost the capacity to conform. In the past each track was led by a musical/electronic composition. This time however, if one comes in with that expectation they will be sorely disappointed.

Karsh has now put the emphasis on the vocals and the live nature of his music. That's where the playability issue might become a concern for some. Does he conform to our expectations or does he do what he wants?

Karsh has taken a step back to his hairy past and moved us forward. Out of the mindset that electronica is the definition of Asian Massive, or even that his compositions are a part of Asian Massive; he has journeyed through hip hop, rock, trip hop, 4x4 beats and sounds that are classically Karsh, yes hitting minor missteps along the way (eg. track 7) but, generally hosting a dark enigmatic groove that is as much Asia as it NYC.

The mis-steps that the album does have almost seem preconceived. It's almost as if he wished for them to ask us: do you like my work for its "exotic" nature or because you like it? Or to put it another way: If you dislike my music, do you truly dislike it or is it that your definitions of what IS my music aren't met?

It's an answer only you can figure out; I can't give it to you, because I absolutely loved the album. Listen to the album and let me know.

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