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Scoop on Talvin?

Here's something interesting. Richard Thomson first calls Singh's music "unexpectedly challenge[ing]", "raw" and "less than easy on the ear." He then goes on to state:

"Listening to this complex, angular, intellectual music demanded total concentration, but those who made the effort were amply rewarded."
So let me get this straight Mr Thomson - are you saying that if a listener doesn't enjoy an artist's music it's his/her fault; that he/she didn't concentrate hard enough? So, am I supposed to learn to enjoy music from an artist rather than inherently enjoy it? Hmmm...my suggestion to you sir is that if you know nothing about the style of music try not to review it. Leave it for someone else.

But to be fair to him, he employs a reviewing trick that I myself have used some times: If you don't know enough to have anything positive to say about an artist, you just talk about his history and suggest that maybe it's you that can't connect with the music. It's well written bs (I wholly admit to it!) - that's the real scoop.

PS - as far as what Talvin is really up to: Here's a mention of him on Indian Pop Star Sagarika's article. Now, does anyone know where I can get her album for cheap? =)

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