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Avaaz by Sunny Jain Collective


  1. Sialkot
  2. Avaaz
  3. Pink City
  4. Johnnie Black
  5. Meri Bhavana
  6. Awaara Hoon
  7. Wo Xiang Ni
  8. Baraat
  9. Lazaro


Sunny's Collective is at it again. Presenting a compilation of jazz numbers that announce the band members artistic core. Once again, they have reached towards their eastern roots and done works that do nothing but astound the listener.

Initially however, sadly, the sound that stands out the most is the new singer Samita Sinha's voice. As, after Sailkot, one has a hard time forgetting it. Despite the absolute ingenuity in the musical production of that track her pitch there honestly takes a bit of getting used to (to the point that I'd suggest starting the album from track 2 onwards). This luckily, makes the rest of the album in no way forgettable. And, even her voice becomes bearable, or dare I say, enjoyable through the rest of the album.

Taken as a total package however, the ragas, the Bollywood song (Awaara Hoon) remakes and the Chinese poetry(Wo Xiang Ni) through the mind of a jazz drummer/producer forms the full diasporic experience. Indo-Jazz is what the Blue Note called them and the title wholly applies. So, sit back enjoy that drink and let the album flow - after track 1 at least.

Pick: Johnnie Black (It has become my anthem!)

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