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Fusing Naked Beats’ Outer Perspective out soon

Press Release
Asif and Martti, the dynamic duo who represent Fusing Naked Beats, and West London’s hottest producers are back with their second album ‘Outer Perspective’ released on their label ‘Just Play Records’

Fusing Naked Beats, have a unique versatile style which is slowly evolving the contemporary Asian scene into an altogether more urban, edgy soundscape with a new direction. ‘Digital Asia’ was their first album which was highly acclaimed and play-listed all around Europe and Asia. ‘Digital Asia’ featured on Bobby and Nihal’s Radio One show at number one and was play listed for over 4 months.

‘Outer Perspective’ is the second album from Fusing Naked Beats and has a unique electronic landscape which blends many diverse elements into one cohesive and unifying experience. From eastern electronica to uplifting global house and Arabic and Indian beats fused with hip-hop, D&B rhythms and funky dance baselines. Outer Perspective embraces the drumbeat of London yet seeks to harmonize the mystical sophistication of Arabia and Asia to fuse a musical heartbeat which is firmly rooted in the here and now of London’s alternative club scene.

The album features many special guest artists including Greek R&B singer Ms Kat, legendary Pakistani singer Najma Akhtar, Sonia Mehta and the dark conscious lyrics of Swami Baracus. The album also features Rowdy Brown a.k.a Nihal from Radio 1 on the track ‘Fusing Faces’ and German M.C Sulal Kool who features on the Asiatic remix track.

‘Outer Perspective also reveals some provocative lyrics from Asif himself on tracks such as ‘Saladins Empire’ and ‘Path of Pilgrims’

Outer Perspective is an album which pushes the boundaries of the mainstream music scene and provides you with an alternative idea of the contemporary Asian sound. It takes you to the next level of the universal dance scene and grabs you with its frantic, dirty spun-out beats.

For more information contact: Fusingnakedbeats@hotmail.com

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