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Inside Out by Kuba


  1. Let Go
  2. Trustafari
  3. Don't Panic
  4. Be Good
  5. The Most Gorgeous Sunset
  6. Be Love
  7. We'll Learn
  8. Mas Intensas
  9. The Operative Word
  10. Looking Forwards
  11. It Could Be


Harshly put: the cd lacks a clear direction and a point. Nicely put: it provides a formulaic look at what constitutes background/lounge music with South Asian sounds.

Kuba, the first artist on Pathaan's new record label Liquid Sound Design, has managed to, by using the right sound samples, clicks and beeps, create an album that serves only one purpose:to be forgotten. There is no message, there is no point - not even a: get up and dance or a: I'm bling-blingin' one!

Yes I agree this is a great album to let play when one is reading, chatting, having a drink - but lets be honest, we have muzak for that. No one needs to be paying someone for that kind of music.

Honestly though, my apologies go out to Kuba, as I am probably being excessively harsh. It's just that lately I am saying, "it's great as background music" to so many of these 'vibe' albums. To top it off this one even has random sputtering of bollywood samples - that's just so cliché it's almost perfect.

So all I have to ask is, what's the point in reviewing something that you are going to forget two minutes later anyways?

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