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Outer Perspective by Fusing Naked Beats


  1. Darya - i- Nur
  2. Saladin's Empire feat. Asif Ali & Sonia Mehta
  3. Firefly
  4. Ultrasonic
  5. Deeper Reality feat. Ms Kat
  6. Gold Dust
  7. Chala -a- Na feat. Najma Akhtar
  8. Monotheistic Faiths
  9. Path of Pilgrims ft. Asif Ali, Swami Baracus & Port M
  10. Transcendental Knowledge feat. Swami Baracus
  11. Inner Pulse
  12. Medusa feat. Sonia Mehta
  13. Alcazar
  14. Pieces of a Dream feat. Alok Verma
  15. Fusing Faces feat. Rowdy Brown
  16. Asiatic remix (Bonus track) feat. Sulal Kool


Fusing Naked Beats' Asif sent me a burn of their new 'album' Outer Perspective and a lot of emails because this review was late in it's coming. [Sorry for that man!]

The reason the word album (above) is in quotes is because this is more of a loop cd for djs to spin at a party than an album with songs. See songs require a verse, a chorus, a beginning, an end. But, if the tracks, for the most part, sound the same all the way through one can't really call the cd an album. So much so, that if you started some of the tracks one minute into them you'd hear the same melody/rhythm than if you started at three minutes.

Now to be fair - the tracks show great potential as each one is filled with production that would work perfectly as part of a dj mix. Moreover, there are definite gems here; Trancendental Knowledge for one is packed with hard hitting lyrics that would work wonders with that rap/hip-hop crowd and Cala-a-Na would make all the Bollywood aunties jump and scream.

However, Asif should have resisted the temptation to speed up the release date of this cd. The gems and the dj-friendly tracks show promise but the rush-to-public feel holds it back from being a true show stopper.

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