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Bhang Ragga - Dancehall Bhangra in Future Dub by Kush Arora


  1. ENDING TIMES Intro feat Jagtar on Dholack
  2. SEX AND VIOLENCE feat. N4SA on vox, R. Sukhadia tabla
  3. COLD WORLD feat. R.Sukhadia on tabla
  4. WEED CONTROL feat. Mr. Frank on vox
  5. ANARCHY feat Sultaan,N4SA on vox
  6. SAD CORRUPTION feat. Amit Kumar Das on Santoor
  7. BLOODY PARASITES feat R.Sukhadia Tabla N4SA vox
  8. KOI NE BOLE Feat Sukh on vox and A. Hegg guitar
  9. RIGHT A NOW feat N4SA
  10. ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTt feat. Jagtar on Dhol
  11. TECHNOLOGY feat. N4SA on vox
  12. BRITISH SUCKING DESIS feat Amit Kumar Das on santoor
  13. TRIBULATION feat Sukh on vox
  14. SUPPOSE BURNT BLOOD MIX feat. N4SA,Qureshi tabla


Though, I realize this review is a bit late (as the album has been out since April 2006) I wanted to share a cd with AV listeners who happen to be reggae fanatics also. With Bhangragga, what you get is a version of what would've happened had reggae originally sprouted in India. The album is filled with the raw nature you'd expect (and want) from a reggae album without the unnecessary bling-bling BS you get from the "big names" these days.

Kush is an artist based in the Bay Area and has had the love for dancehall/dub and punjabi culture since youth. In 2004 he released "Underwater Jihad" and has gone on to release tracks with vocalists such as N4SA from JA and Sukh Sing on Punjabi vocals alongside a host of talented tabla players and strings from around the globe.

In this album, he has created an album filled with tabla and Bhangra riffs added to bass rhythms that are pan diasporic; lyrics and random vocal musings that stand apart; sample sounds and beats that just work; Kush has obviously been at this for a long time. He does what he knows best - really well, and never deviates from it. Despite the word Dancehall in the album title you can rest assured that there are no Sean Paul-eque beats here. He changes, adds, takes away, smooths out, dirties the progressing beat often enough that I have to advise: don't bother trying to grind to your girl.

Just listen to the well laid tracks.

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