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Sirens by Mo Magic


  1. Sirens
  2. On The Edge
  3. China Doll Remix
  4. Folk Song
  5. River Of Dreams
  6. Break Em
  7. Warrior
  8. Payback
  9. Rock The Remix
  10. Knowledge
  11. Nuclear
  12. Untitled Beginnings
  13. Stupid Games Instrumental


Mo Magic comes at us with a lot of history (think Outcaste Records) and talent. When it comes right down to it however, neither are of any importance if the man doesn't know how to apply them. Luckily for everyone, he knows exactly what he's doing!

This review will be short and sweet because, as Mo puts it himself, these are "thirteen DJ friendly...mixes of dirty raw Breakbeat and Drum and Bass under the influence of an Asian." There isn't much else that can be said. Don't turn on the album when you are in a sad, melodramatic, or emotional state of mind. Don't try to perform yoga or to mediate: just get up and dance to the hard hitting tracks.

Outside of one track, Rock the Beat (that repeating vocal sample just got really annoying), the album can be played all the way through without missing a beat.

For those that read my review of his previous work and were disappointed to realize that you couldn't buy it, well here's your chance.

UPDATE (Dec 23, 2006): Album now available on itunes.

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