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Emergency Basslines by Dr Das


  1. Emergency Bass
  2. Kosmic Pranksta
  3. Dub Accelerator
  4. The Alchemist
  5. Free Agent
  6. End Of Empire
  7. Frontline Party
  8. Khapa Militantz
  9. Slow Cortex
  10. Pitch Black
  11. Communique
  12. Force Tranquille


Now this is true dub - bass militancy. There are practically no melodic instruments - wind, string or otherwise - only hard hitting drums, bass lines and beats; for the purist this might be a bit repetitive i.e. lacking a soul. But, bass is a string instrument and if you wish to move a moment, groove another one and shake in the third then here is your album.

Dr Das' work reminds us of what made ADF's hard hitting beats so amazing: a maestro such as him managing the youngsters. Where this album lacks in vocals it makes up in the political anger. I can just imagine Dr Das standing over us, looking at the insanity that exists today and reminding us, the world is in a state of flux so you have to move and dance once in a while.

At the same time one can absolutely imagine a solider entranced with Dub Accelerator while hurtling through one of the many countries at war right now thinking: "anger, militancy, right, wrong...who knows any more." We all respond to world as we see fit and so did Dr. Das.

Play it straight though and project your own beliefs to his beats.

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