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Along A Dusty Road by Niraj Chag


  1. Along The Dusty Road
  2. Khwaab
  3. Sajana
  4. Tanaha Dil
  5. Bangles
  6. Kanya
  7. Intermission - Part 2
  8. Ghar
  9. The Nomad
  10. An Offering
  11. Allah Hoo
  12. Outro - The Beginning
  13. Khwaab [Bengali]


Evoking thoughts of Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney, Niraj has stepped up to a new level. After hearing his stuff with Outcaste Records, Dum Dum Project and the multitude of other projects he has worked on, it came as no surprise that this album is stellar. What was surprising though, I heard the best album in 2006 months after it's official release.

Yes, sorry to everyone else, the distinction of the best album in 2006 belongs to 'Along a Dusty Road.'

Niraj has given us tracks that belong in no scene or genre and reader/listener, try not to find one for it. Six different languages touching varying musical styles and production worthy of a music award, we foreign-homeland dwellers have a new soundtrack for our confusion. A piece for those moments where there is nothing but the feeling of being lost. Clich├ęd as that maybe, it's an emotional response that I have not felt in a long time.

Musically, nowhere is there a misstep, an error or a sense of disappointment; have I enjoyed another album as thoroughly as this one? Possibly, but definitely not this year.

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