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MIDIval Punditz Remixed by Various Artists


  1. Ali (Tapan's Deep Blue Mix)
  2. Night (Bandish Projekt Club Mix)
  3. 136 (Jayant's Breaks Mix)
  4. Raanjhan (Jalebee Bass for Breakfast Mix)
  5. Kesariya (Groovio's This Thing Mix)
  6. Dark Age (Audialize Super Psy-Remix)
  7. Raanjhan (Son Kite Remix)
  8. Dark Age (Karsh Kale Remix)
  9. 136 (Gautam's Downtempo Mix)


This albums is almost a no-brainer. Both of the MIDIval Pundtiz originals were unsurpassed, so of course this one has to be stellar. While that statement is mostly true there is one gripe to be had.

First the good: the varied group of remixers provide us with a sound that, while in the dance genre, mutates enough to keep you interested and then some. Tapan beats it in on a 4x4, Jayant tears it down with a break, Groovio and Audalize psy it out and Karsh, well does his Karsh thing. If you, the listener, can't find a track to dance to then I suggest you have your hearing examined.

Now, the gripe: whats up with the length of the songs? Rather than having 7 tracks longer than 7 minutes, 4 of those longer than 9 minutes, they could have given us a track or two more and shortened these up a bit. But, that really is a concern for someone buying the entire album. Considering this is a digital-only release just buy the tracks that kick ass and leave the rest alone. (Full disclosure: I probably feel this way because now the tracks have to be edited down for AV's radio.)

[On an interesting side note - the same vocal sample appears on Karsh's track Beautiful (on Broken English) as on the original Dark Age by MIDIval Punditz in their debut album. Wonder if there is a friendly competition between them for the best track produced for the sample? Just a random thing I hadn't noticed before. ]

My Picks: Audialize, Bandish Projekt and Gautam's mixes.

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