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Accelerator by Krishna XL


  1. Mash It Up
  2. Iz What
  3. Fistful O Dynomite
  4. Blindsided
  5. Butterfly
  6. Soultrippin
  7. The Liar Song
  8. Dougla Anthem
  9. Soul Of The Nation
  10. Street Fighter
  11. Whatcha Want
  12. S.P.I.T
  13. Moment Of Silence
  14. Bungle In The Jungle [SKIT]

Review: We, of the South Asian American backing, always tend to forget those among us who made it here after a stop off somewhere else. South Asians have become Americans by way of such varied places as Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Gyuana, Trinidad etc. Moreover, each of these places has provided cultural addition to the diaspora that we now call the South Asian American Experience. These additions have helped us realize that we are all varied but share the same ancestry.

Krishna XL is here to remind us of the one combination of ancestry emanating from down south; hemisphere that is.

KXL is the pseudonym for a previously loved R&B star, Rohan. This new name however, separates him from his older incarnation by leaps and bounds. He has done here what Timba & other pretenders could only hope to accomplish: a real mix of hip-hop, rap, dub, reggae with emotion dancably coming from the South Asian and American soul. Despite, the rare moments of repetitiveness that always tend to trap self-producing singer-songwriters, the album hits hard and takes you from Dub to R&B to Drum n Bass without missing a beat. KXL not only tells us to get over ourselves and 'mash it up,' but also listens to his own advise quite well.

He has gone to his southern roots and given us an album that brings continents back to your dance floor.

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