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Ha by Talvin Singh

Review by Shazam:

Talvin,being as eclectic as usual,mixes a lot of contemporary club styles on this one. He programmed all of the tracks together with his engineer Brad(Somatik)Munn,and then, it seems , invited lots of guest artists to play and sing over them. Last time,on OK a lot of these guest were well known people, this time he seems to concentrate more on his own musical family.

More about this Artist

  1. One: One is a 12 minute hypnotic trip-hop thing which has ustad sultan khan´s sarangi and voice all over the place and some real nice live jungle drumming by karsh kale.
  2. Mustard Fields: Mustard Fields is an attempt at a HipHop-BhangraDub which is a little too serious for my taste.
  3. The Beat Goes On: The Beat Goes On starts interestingly with a western string quartet and some nice arabian Rai influences but, the cleveland watkiss rap lets me down as the same beat goes on and on and on...
  4. Uphold: Uphold is another story, no live instruments here but it just goes to show you that talvin is a master at mixing Drum n Base with electronically generated indian sounds.
  5. Sway Of The Verses: Maestro u.srinivas (remember Shakti?) plays a wonderful electric mandolin on Sway Of Verses that starts almost classical but then goes housely stomping forward into no real direction.
  6. Dubla: Dubla a great TablaDubBreakbeatBols rocker. Its worth listening and enjoying over and over again; more of this kind please!
  7. Its Not Over: Its Not Over is a by-floating ,cooling summer breeze.
  8. Abalonia: Abalonia is prominently filled with the madras string massive and again sultan khan´s sarangi in a very funky arrangement.
  9. Sea Breeze: Sea Breeze is an epic Tabla and Bass classic with exciting hindi vocals from miss bhairavi.
  10. Bobby Style: Bobby Style's title is a pun on the ´new east london tabla gharana´ that talvin helped in giving birth, it´s a tabla/breakbeat showcase dedicated to his guru ustad lakshman sinhji.
  11. Silver Flowers: Silver Flowers quietly closes the album with it´s trippy ambiental programming and more sarangi,featuring the fragile voice of m.m.layer.

Very nice work,good album mr.singh, but a question..while producing it, where did the long time promised ,long time delayed ANOKHA VOL 2 get lost ?

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