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Signs by Badmarsh + Shri

Review by Shazam:

This album seems to be a follow up to Shri´s `Drum The Bass`solo-album rather than to Dancing Drums. It has no Drum n Base at all, which is hard to believe since the lastest work before this was a breathtaking Drum n Base remix on jolly mukherjee´s cd Fusebox. But, then here we find a lot of nice funky/big beat/trip hop and even accoustic semi-classical stuff. Here we go thru the tracks,one by one:

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Tracks with Reviews:

  1. Signs: Signs is a mighty triphop hymn, featuring a bombay string section with mc uk apache (anyone remember ´93 - originalnuttah`?) giving out catchy sermons.
  2. Swarm: Swarm is a very funky yet dark floorfiller. It has outcaste's inhouse mc JC001´s impressive rapstyle holding it togethe r,shri´s tabla and fretless bass hitting u right in the knees - u just gotta move. The lyrics makes me think there must be a Drum n Base version of this track somewhere in the outcaste archive, give it up, guys!
  3. Get Up: Get Up is basically a rework of JB´s sex machine, propelled into 21st century by Badmarsh´s funky bigbeat arrangement (if he believes this is two step, then go on doing tracks like that) and uk apache´s positivity rap (´put down the gun,put down the knife...´). Definitely a club anthem.
  4. Mountain Path: Mountain Path is a nice floating trip hop instrumental,no more, no less.
  5. Day By Day: Day By Day is a little boring trip Pop ballad. Maybe it was thought for a single release around christmas. Basically the same style as ´the air i breathe,` which for me was the weakest track on Dancing Drums.
  6. Soaring Beyond: In Soaring Beyond, let shri´s bansuri flute and acoustic guitar take you away to some long forgotten peaceful place...
  7. Sajanna: Just when you think the album´s already over (3 slow tracks in succession) the best and slowest comes on through. Bombay strings, great fretless bass and tabla wiz aref durvesh´s shenai complementing the crystal clear sad ´n beatiful vocals of sanjogita kumari.
  8. Tribal: Tribal shows Badmarsh and Shri facing afro/brazil culture with lots of driving percussion. This LP version sounds somewhat pale compared to the one released before on 12 ".
  9. Bang: Bang (not to be confused with Bhang!) has me bangin my head to big beat filled with epic strings heavy live drumming by miss michele drees and spoken tabla bols. Wow!!
  10. The Last Mile: Badmarsh nicely programmed this warm trip hop instrumental. Again the bombay strings do a remarkable job here and shri´s tabla/bansuri and bass really fulfill the audio-picture.
  11. Appa: Shri´s father T.S. Sriram plays sitar, such wonderful emotion on this acoustic track, accompanied only by the bombay strings. It's a great track.

All in all a good follower, heading towards some new direction. But, please don´t let it take another 3-4 years for the next one!

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